We’ve reviewed over 45 different Italian wine clubs over the last 12 years and found the following clubs to be the absolute best in regards to wine club pricing, Italian wine quality, customer service and local wine education. We’re always on the lookout for new Italian Wine Clubs, so if you find one that is superb, please let us know. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy your new wine club membership.


Wine of the Month Club – Vintners Series Review

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Wine of the Month Club continues to impress in our recent test of every Series they offer. The Vintner’s series, reviewed here is a mid level tier series which boasts itself as “A...


Wine of the Month Club – Limited Series Review 2016 Update

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    We had the pleasure of reviewing almost every Wine of the Month Club Membership Series in the last few months. Shipment after shipment, it hasn’t failed to delight. The...


Wine of the Month Club – Cellar Series Review

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We’re back with more of one of our top ranked and reviewed wine clubs. In our last review, we tried a beautiful Classic Gift Series, but it’s been almost a year now, and it’s about...


Wine of the Month Club Review – Classic Series 2016

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Over the years we’ve reviewed hundreds of different wine of the month clubs and found the 1972 established Wine of the Month Club to be one of the best in regards to wine quality, variety,...

Laithwaites Wine Club Review

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Laithwaites may no longer honor our coupon code – Please be aware! Over the last 12 years we’ve reviewed 100’s of different monthly wine clubs and found Laithwaites (formerly...

Celebrations Wine Club Review

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With over 20 years of experience in the wine club industry, it’s hard to believe anything could go wrong with this wine club. Luckily, in all the years we’ve been members, we’ve...